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Designing Public Organizations in the Globalized Era: An Organizational learning perspective
Συγγραφέας: Nikolaos Mihalopoulos

The paper attempts to describe a learning perspective of design public institutions. Based on the axiomatic thesis that successful administrative systems are those that are flexible and especially efficient in adapting to change, the analysis considers that in the historical period of "unknown unknown" public organizations has to be transformed from bureaucratic to learning systems. As such each kind of public organization (ministry, local authorities, prefectures, regional organizations) has to enhance [a] its capacity to scan-survey the citizen''s needs, [b] its ability to interpret the collected data and [c] its ability to formulate relevant public policies. From this point of view the learning perspective considers any public institution as an interpretation system where public servants function as interpretations of meaning and values which are manifested to the designed and implemented public policies.